About Us

We are the Burk family. We moved from Oregon in 2016 to the great state of Texas. We are living a life full of adventure to create as many fond memories as possible, and to meet new people along the way. Tomorrow is not promised, so it is best to get in what we can each and every day (or weekends at least lol)

We created this page to better help family and friends keep up with us on our many memorable moments and events, outside of the normal social media circles. And also to let others outside of our circle glean a sense of inspiration and fun from our adventures, old and new.

We are very open to take suggestions of places to visit in Texas. We eventually want to hit all four corners and everywhere in between in the state. Please send me any suggestions to our email link, whether you are an individual, or a business.

I definitely don’t claim to be a writer or anything for that matter. I’m just working on telling our story. Please pardon my grammatical errors, and just plain ol’ improper grammar for that matter.

I may not update the site weekly, just depends on how often we get out and explore Texas, or if I get around to posting old stories from trips gone by. Should be updated with new content a few times every month though. It all depends on time, and money. Usually when we have time, we have no money. When we have money, we have no time. Just the way it is sometimes. That being said, we would be open to taking up sponsors for our trips to and fro all across Texas.

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