Instead of a wall of text, I will go a head and just post a video about our day trip down to  Surfside, TX last weekend. Admittedly, it is a little long, around 18 mins. Cut me some slack. It was my first attempt at a vblog. No editing whatsoever. Mainly just checking to see how the video looks, and how the sound turns out. Seems decent. Not bad for using my tablet. I plan on making shorter video stories, instead of just talking about the entire trip. That way videos are shorter and more targeted for the funny stories I want to share via video. Hopefully I kept it entertaining to watch all the way through. The stories about the Kitty Purple Cow and Taco Bell are worth the watch though, I think anyways 😉

Without further ado, here be pics and the video from last weekend’s trip to Surfside, TX.



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