Case of the Creeping Charlie

Ever since we moved into this house, there has been a patch of something I assumed was just a big weed patch growing along the front of the front yard. I had been thinking maybe I would try to use some weed killer or some of that Scott’s Weed & Seed stuff.

A month or so ago, I was reading a book to Fox about animals that live in meadows. As it turns out, Dandelions are not actual weeds like I once thought. I think you can even eat them, or make tea out of them. There are other meadow like flowers that people also consider as weeds. I’ve never actually seen the flowers bloom on this mysterious plant growing in my front lawn. I began to wonder if maybe this too was some kind of meadow flower. Since my grass has not yet gone crazy with growing … I decided to let this plant grow out and see what becomes of it. Suffice to say, I’m actually kind of impressed with the flowers, and all of the info I have been able to dig up on this plant.

I have watched the plant grow and start to bloom. The flowers are REALLY tiny though. I wasn’t actually sure they had bloomed until I got down on all 4’s for a closer inspection. The flowers kind of look like super tiny Orchids. They are white and purple/lavender in color. I can’t remember if I actually stuck my nose down to try and see what/if they smelled like. But they were cute! So I got out my phone and started taking pictures of these neat little flowers.

I studied my photos, and then started searching online to try and identify what this plant is. After about a half hour of searching … I found my answer. I have a big patch of Creeping Charlie in my front lawn. It is more commonly known as Ground Ivy, but is also called Alehoof or Tunhoof. While some do consider it an aggressive weed … You can actually eat this stuff. It is part of the mint family. People all over the world use it as a salad green. Supposedly has some medicinal properties to it as well. And of course, you can make tea with it that is high in vitamin C and antioxidants.  That doesn’t mean that I’m going to get out there and start munching on this stuff LOL Oh, I guess there is a brewing company that also uses this stuff in their brewing process. Hence the name Alehoof.

I guess what all this means is, is that I have a salad green and/or the starts of a brewery growing in my front lawn. That gives me kind of a happy and sad feeling all at once. I’m sad because I’m mowing down the starts to a nice beer, but I’m also happy because I’m mowing down some hideous green salad thing that is healthy for you. I mean … Look at me. Does it look like I’m into salad greens?? LOL

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