Making Memories, and Reliving Old Ones at the Coyote Drive-in in Fort Worth

Never thought I would be able to sit at the drive-in and watch two of my many favorite movies growing up. The local Coyote Drive-in in Fort Worth is showing Sandlot and The Goonies on the big screen. And for only $4 a person to watch both movies. The kids are still free, so only $8 for both movies. How could we pass that up?

I love that Coyote has nice shaded covers with big fans to help keep cool when it is hot out while waiting for the movies to start. They also have a playground for the kids. A beer/wine garden if you will. A nice selection of food and drinks. They also bring in an ice skating rink for about 6 weeks or so in the winter. They also set up a covered tent with heat in the winter to keep warm as this theater does run year-round, 7 days a week. You can also catch 4th of July and New Years fireworks while watching a movie. They pause all movies from their 4 screens, so that you can partake in the fireworks shows.

Now, I never got to see either of these movies at the drive-in, or even on the big screen when they came out. I do however have many memories going to the drive-in as a kid. I was never a fan of going like a sardine in a car, but laying on a massive pile of blankets in the bed of a pickup truck. Now we are talking!

So a chance to see these classics on the big screen really rekindled some fond memories in me. Now that I’m older, a pile of blankets are not so appealing. It might be something fun for the kids still. I still want to make fond memories for myself, and for my family, in my one way. I’ve stepped up my drive-in game from a pile of blankets, to an inflatable couch, to an actual love seat, to a wooden bench I made myself, to finally an actual set of movie theater seats. I got a pair for the kids too. Now we can watch in style.

But why stop at seats?? I also got the convenience of a lift-top coffee table. Along with some movie signs and movie props. And an old boom box from like the early 90’s, one like I had growing up. Oh, and let’s not forget a pair of cow slippers for me. Now I just need to get a pair of animal slippers for the wife and children. I don’t think Patrycja will go for her wearing them lol But it sure has turned us into the talk of the movie theater. People always come up and ask questions and compliment us on our setup. It’s kind of fun.

Some of the few reasons why I like to go to the drive-in over a normal movie theater are because they are usually cheaper than going to a normal theater. Tickets are around $8 per adult vs the $12 or so whatever it is now at a normal theater. Plus, you get to watch two new movies out in theaters, instead of just one at the normal theater. And don’t get me started on watching a movie below a starry sky. It’s an amazing experience to watch a movie on the big screen outside, as well as catching a show up in the stars by seeing a shooting star while watching a movie. It’s even better to catch a movie around the time of the meteor showers. Some drive-ins let you bring your own food and beverage still.  Nothing in a glass container, or alcohol (usually they still sell alcohol, so you can still get your drink on). I still suggest supporting them by at least buying a few things from the concession stand. Usually the prices are better than at the normal movie theater as well. And finally, because you can come as you are. Bring your own flair to the drive-in like I do with my drive-in setup.

I hope these memories really stick with the kids throughout their lives. And more importantly, that drive-ins will still be around for their lifetimes, and my grandkids lifetimes. So I encourage you all to seek out your nearest drive-in. Much cheaper than a regular movie theater. And frequent it often if you are lucky enough to have one near to you.


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