First Visit Back to the Dallas Arboretum as Members

We decided to finally bite the bullet and become members of the Dallas Arboretum a few weeks back. When we came and joined, hardly any of the flowers were in bloom yet for the tulip season for this year. So we came back after we seen pictures of the tulips in bloom finally.

It can be rather costly to come here as non-members. Typically $15 per vehicle for parking. Another $15 per adult. So two adults will usually run $45 just to visit each day. We only ever came when they were having special days where it cost much, much less. So $135 seems like a bargain when you can visit each and every day for free, and parking is now free. That pays for itself by the 3rd regular non-member visit. We can definitely come once a month now and easily make our money back in savings.

We do love to frequent here as often as we can afford. The flowers change all year long. And they have special events. My favorite one is the fall when they have all of the pumpkins and squash all over the place there. But that will be in another post.

Here are our first pictures as members. It was so hard to choose our favorite pics. This is with thinning out the herd as well as we could with trying to keep the overall numbers down.



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