Spring is just getting to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

We love taking trips to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, especially in the spring time when it is nice and cool before the summer heat really flares up. It is the closest of the flower gardens that we visit. Plus, it is FREE! At least for the time being. This one might not be as big and extravagant like say the Dallas Arboretum, or the Clark’s Garden out in Mineral Wells. Those two are paid admissions. Now while you do get what you pay for, the botanic garden still offers a nice visual array of flowers during most of the year, all while being free to visit. It’s nice even to just walk through for no apparent reason at all, except to let things slow down just a little in this crazy life.

Beauty and the Butterfly (Flower arrangement she’s in front of)

My beautiful family

Just Bella taking a nice and relaxing nap in the flowers <3

I really love the bee in this shot. I suppose you can’t see it so clear in this post. It does look good in the featured photo up top of this post. I’ll make sure to post these on Facebook. Make sure to check it out there.

My stunner of a wife 😉

Ham Jr strikes again!


More turtles (same ones in first photo)

Still yet another turtle!

A duck in her nest right off the walk path. Still pretty well hidden. No one else seemed to know she was there. Not sure how many eggs she is hiding under there. We know of at least one from someone else’s photo

Our lil Cheeseball Fox

Flowers that grow off the limbs also seem to grow out from the bark in the base of the tree as well

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