Another Person’s Junk Is Another’s Treasure

Went on a short trip to continue the tradition of taking pictures in the Bluebonnets down in Ennis today. Someone had thrown out some kind of chest or something at the Ennis airport where we like to take pictures. Patrycja saw it and told me no right away that I couldn’t drag it home. At that point, I decided I would drag it home 

Upon further inspection, it looks to be fairly old judging from the lock mechanism on it. I was thinking maybe I would turn it into a bench with a storage drawer for the kids for the back deck. Patrycja suggested it could be a flower box as well. I think I like the idea of it as a flower box instead too. One person’s junk really is another’s treasure. I’m just glad my lovely wife was on board with me dragging it home in the end … I think LOL!

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