Off To See The Bluebonnets In Ennis, Texas, Again

Off we went to another round of photos from theĀ  Ennis Airport. We came across this place last year while looking for Bluebonnet flowers in the ‘self proclaimed’, “Bluebonnet Capital” of Texas, which is Ennis. We got some really GREAT photos there last year. There were definitely more flowers there last year when we went. It was also sunny and warm when we went last year. This year, there were far fewer flowers for the most part. It was also cloudy, and quite a bit colder according to Patrycja’s nipples šŸ˜‰ Next year I want to try and visit another place I saw from photos of a gorgeous place west of Austin, Texas. Of course we will come back to the airport next year as well. Just hoping for better weather lol

This was Bella’s first year to go and be in the Bluebonnets! I can’t wait for her to be old enough to wear cute dresses with a little cowgirl hat and some cowgirl boots. I’m so excited!

We stopped off in Waxahachie, Texas on the way back to check out a few of the antique malls.Ā Leading into the old town kind of reminded us of driving into old town of Paris, TX when we went last month. Kind of run down looking. But once you get into the center of old town, things looks much better. There were lots of antique malls in old town, and we only had enough time to visit a few. Definitely need to go back on a Saturday bright and early to try and hit them all some other weekend. The Ellis County Courthouse in Waxahachie is also very beautiful. Texas really does have some gorgeous old courthouses.

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