A New Volkswagen For The Many Trips To Come

So this happened … Like last Friday night lol Just finished inking the deal today.

Clay Cooley Park Cities Volkswagen of Dallas treated me pretty well. My Salesman Ashton Boardnax and the Sales Manager Paul Farris were funny and easy to talk to, and gave me the best car buying experience I’ve had to date. Literally no BS on pricing or trying to add in other garbage to the deal. No high pressure sales. I happened to take a picture of the car on their website a few weeks ago when the price was reduced for the weekend. They honored that price that was $2,000 less than what they were asking for it when I walked in. It really was a great experience dealing with Clay Cooley Volkswagen.

I got to talking about Volkswagens with the sales staff and showing them pictures of all of the Vw’s I’ve owned over the years and talked about the Vw shows in the Pacific Northwest. It actually inspired them to put on a car show coming up in June over Father’s Day weekend called Dubs & Dads. All because I shared my love of Vw stories and photos with them. That put a big smile on my face. I wonder if I can get a “Guest of Honor” badge for being the inspiration for their car show 😉

We traded in the CC for something a bit more family friendly (but not too much) with a bit more cargo room, and quite a bit more economical on the fuel cost for all of the traveling we do.

I never really did get settled on a name for the CC. Maybe I knew it just wasn’t meant to be. It was a very nice car. Not the best to get the kids in and out of. Opening the doors for the kids would have been difficult to teach them to keep from messing up the window regulators in the doors. The stroller took up a lot of space in the trunk as well. Just not ideal  for a family with two car seats and a stroller.

The new car is a 2015 TDI Golf Sportwagen with only 7860 miles on the clock. It’s quite a bit easier to get the kids in and out of. More space in the boot, and someday on the roof rack when I can get one for it. It has a factory subwoofer down in the spare wheel as well. It’s actually a bit nicer in some ways over the CC. I really love the panoramic roof and the great mpg! Though I do miss the bi-xenon headlights of the CC.

I already had a very fitting name picked out for the new one even before the deal was finished. It’s a bit of an inside story/joke between a good friend of mine. I think I’ll just leave it at that 😉

With that, I introduce you to …. Blueberry!

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