Oklahoma City Myriad Botanical Gardens Illuminations Northern Lights Show inside the Crystal Bridge Conservatory

I am so behind on posting our adventures as of late. We took this trip back in early December for our 2nd year anniversary.

We stopped off at Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies on our way up to Oklahoma City located in the Arbuckle Mountains off course (more like hills lol). These bad boys are at least twice the size of the normal ones seen sold in stores, and at least 4 times as delicious!

I seen a price of $1.75, so I ordered up a dozen! Turns out, what I saw was the price for the frozen ones that were not so fresh that day. The actual price was closer to $3.25 each. I think there is a price break with a dozen. Our total receipt was around $39 with some milk and coffee plus tax with them.

There was so many good flavors to choose from, I really needed to get 2 dozen of them! But at the end of the day… That would have not pleased the wife. Happy Wife, Happy Life… Right?! We ended up having enough to throw in the fridge when we got home to last us a week.

Best. Fried. Pies. EVER!

We went up early to walk through during the day to help see the dramatic difference of it after dark. We didn’t take that many photos during the day as we took after dark. The Illumination Lanterns were beautiful, even during the day.

Illumination Lantern
Snowflake overlooking Air Plant Christmas Trees
Illumination Lantern
Top of north end of Crystal Bridge Conservatory looking south

The Illumination Lanterns were far more beautiful and dramatic after dark.

Fox reaching up to touch Illumination Lantern
Illumination Lanterns

Illumination Lanterns
My favorite photo of the Illumination Lanterns

It just so happens on the day we decided to go up, they were having technical difficulties with the blue and green lights used to create the “northern lights” effect. It was still stunning to walk through. Maybe if they do it again next year… We will get to see it in all of its glory!

Colored light rods that remind me of Lightsabers
I really liked the color and look of these plants when lit of from behind in the dark
The color is from the flower itself with only a white light shown against it
Looking east towards the Crystal Bridge Conservatory
Looking north towards downtown Oklahoma City

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