Legos and our first trips to the San Antonio Botanical Garden

We had to go down to San Antonio twice to catch all of the cool Lego Art at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Our first trip was kind of winging it seeing the conservatories half of the San Antonio Botanical Garden and catching the Christmas Lights for the first time at the San Antonio River Walk. Man, next year we are DEFINITELY going to go see the River Walk lights during a week day. It was FAR to crowded during the weekend. Patrycja was carrying Bella at one point near the edge of the River Walk, and people were almost bumping into her which would have pushed her into the river. We hurried up and moved away from that area. Yikes! The second trip we hurried down to catch everything else that was not in the conservatories before hurrying back to my work to watch the New Years firework from the ball atop Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas.

It was tough trying to squeeze both in as San Antonio is about 4 hours away from us. Not including all of the extra stops for the kiddos or wife to pee. Of course I tough it out and hold it in until we get there. Or at least I tell myself that 😉 I just “pretend” to try and go while we are stopping for them to give myself some cover. Then I complain to them to try and hold it in so we don’t have to stop LOL. It doesn’t help that Patrycja doesn’t like to get up early and leave for my trips like she does her planned trips 😉 8+ hours of driving in a day can be brutal sometimes. I’m pretty well conditioned for the task as hand. We’ve done 13+ hour drive time on some of our crazy day trips.

The Lego Art was pretty amazing. It was one of those things that is only there for a few weeks. We went back two weekends in a row to catch all of the sculptures. They were pretty amazing in person to be honest. Some of them had little signs next to them that told how many legos were used in making of that particular sculpture. I want to say the biggest was around 120,000 legos!

Butterfly on flowers when you first come into the garden
Butterfly on flowers
Bee on flower
Big spider about to get Joshua
Tortoise with bird on its back (Tortoise looks like Littlefoot to me LOL)
Buck, Doe and Fawn
Grandpa, Grandson and Wheelbarrow
Hummingbird drinking from flower
Squirrel and Birds playing in birdbath

Of course the flowers and the rest of the garden were pretty amazing too! I like that it is not a very expansive garden. I love how they separate five different conservatories (glass houses) covering different climate zones. They have a fun kids area to play in and explore as well.

Metal Lizard
Metal Scorpion
I’m all for nipples! I’m not sure about getting cozy with these ones…
Mama and Bella
I’m not kidding y’all… I have an incredibly beautiful wife!
I tried to get her to sing… But she wasn’t doing it
I’m not sure what these are, but man they are beautiful! I’m sure the wife will correct me on this 😉
Wife says: “anthurium clarinervium”
I swore I could hear banjos while standing here…
I can’t get enough of her <3
My #1 Stunna!
Happy Wife, Happy Life
Looking towards downtown San Antonio

We really can’t wait for spring to get here so we can go back and see more of the garden in bloom for our next trip here.

I believe the San Antonio Botanical Garden was ranked one of the best gardens in the state of Texas! We can vouch for that 😉

2 thoughts on “Legos and our first trips to the San Antonio Botanical Garden

  1. There is a botanical garden in San Antonio, Texas, that spreads across a spacious area. We arrived in the morning, and entered through an older building, certainly from another century. The fee is nominal, just $12 general admission, and $2 less for seniors, military personnel, and children. They had no restriction on photographs, which was a real plus.

    1. Thank you for the kind words!

      I wonder if maybe you are referring to the Japanese Tea Garden? We have not visited that garden yet. I think we will have to go down and see it next time we go to San Antonio this summer. Thank you for the tip!

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